"Inspire yourself and others will be inspired.
Motivate yourself and others will be motivated.
Develop yourself and others will start to develop themselves.
Be an example first and then the world changes around you". 

Author Unknown


Our mission is to make the world a better place to live, not only for us but for the generations to come.  Our values are built on this foundation.  We cannot make the world a better place if we do not inspire and motivate others to do so.  We cannot inspire and motivate others to do so if we are not inspire and motivate ourselves.

Change, reform and transformation are difficult, demanding and fearful for society as they are asked to change their habits, thinking and attitude.  In order for reform to succeed, society needs to believe in the change and be inspired and motivated to change. To sum it up – Inspire – Motivate – Transform.

At EIR Global, we are known for being professional, innovative, reliable, timely, trustworthy and results-oriented which can be distinctly linked to our company values.

The values that we inherent at EIR Global are:

We care about our work – It is not just about delivering the outputs of a project.  It is making sure that what we deliver has tangible and measurable results, positive impact and sustainability.

We respect local culture and values – Reform is not about changing people.  Reform is about showing society, or a group of people a better way of doing things while maintaining their distinct culture identity.

We are proactive with our clients – We provide innovative solutions and ideas to the challenges of the project.  We propose and discuss with our clients and propose the best possible means to do the job, surpassing in many cases the requirements of the terms of reference.

We are transparent – We share information and knowledge with our partners, clients and beneficiaries.  We use management tools that allow for on-line sharing of information, documents and best practices.  For us, transparency is the foundation of trust, the building block of a functioning and respectful society.

We listen – Consultants tend to talk a lot but at EIR Global we also remember to listen.  We not only listen to our clients, but also to the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project who can contribute significantly to projects that affect their society.

We are humble to the future – The planning, decisions and policies made today will impact the future.  We envision how our work will affect future generations and ensure that the balances of sustainable development are maintained.

We smile – a lot! Everyone has a bad day, even us.  But we continue to smile and to hold on to our belief of inspiration, motivation and transformation.