EIR Global celebrates its 20 years with a new name: Revelle Group


EIR Global is celebrating this year 20 years in development consulting and with that comes a new name for us!  As of 29 February 2016, EIR Global will be known as Revelle Group.

We decided to change our name to better reflect who we are.  Revelle stems from the verb “to revel” and by that we mean to celebrate, to enjoy, to take pride and pleasure in what we do.  We take pride in the fact that our work focuses on the essence, avoiding the superfluous and delivering real results.  We are known as ‘big picture’ thinkers that seek to get to the heart of development issues. 

We delight our clients with our focus on essence and substance on the project at hand. We show real excitement and get a sincere pleasure in delivering projects that have lasting impacts.  This pleasure for our work is now synonymous with our new name, Revelle!

We will continue to work with governments and international organisations to tackle today’s main global challenges for a sustainable world that is energy and climate change, environment and economic and social development. We are also expanding our service offering to include specialised energy market consulting. Here, we will apply our knowledge and experience gained in our 20 years of development work in helping business, industry and other market players grow in the sustainable energy market while aspiring to contribute to a better world.

As of 1 April 2016, we will be launching the new Revelle website, so please make sure to visit us at www.revellegroup.eu.