Sustainable energy


The history of man is dominated by, and reflects, the amount of available energy - Frederick Soddy



Energy is what makes businesses run. Energy enables children to study when they go to school. Energy empowers women to create revenue making activities. Energy is key for economic growth. Energy is what can facilitate or stall political and economic reforms.

At EIR Global, we provide consultancy services in emerging economies and developing countries. Our services enable transition to a more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy future. We facilitate the process of reform, change and sector development through projects financed by international donors and development banks. We help public entities develop and implement strategies, legal, institutional and financial frameworks. We provide capacity and institutional building. We develop stable investment frameworks as part of their reform process enabling cleaner energy future. We serve private sector through market research and regulatory affairs services that facilitate market access or business expansion.

Our experts are based in Belgium, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Effective as of 30 June 2013, EIR Global has merged with the consulting branch of EIR Development Partners with a proven and successful track record of 17 years of experience in development consultancy.